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3-day advance for catering order if required.  Any orders received after 3pm will be considered as next day order.

請提前 3 天預訂。下午 3 點後收到的任何訂單將被視為隔天訂單。


Deluxe Combo (for 8-10 ppl 8-10人份)


SALAD (Served Cold)


  • Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon 凱撒沙律配煙三文魚 | 2 LBS/磅




  • Tomato Soup 香草蕃茄湯 | 2 KG/公升




  • Crispy Pork Knuckle with Honey Black Pepper Sauce 脆皮蜜糖豬手 配蜜糖黑椒汁 | 2 LBS/磅


  • Deep-Fried Ebi with Wasabi Mayonnaise 吉列炸蝦 配芥末蛋黃醬 | 15 PCS/件


  • Deep-Fried Crab Cream Croquette with Wasabi Mayonnaise 蟹肉忌廉薯餅 配芥末蛋黃醬 | 8 PCS/件




  • Japanese Pork Katsu Curry with Rice 日式咖哩炸豬扒飯 | 2 LBS/磅


  • Red Wine-Braised OX-Tail With Angel Hair 焦糖紅酒牛仔尾配天使麵 | 2 LBS/磅




  • Mixed Veggie 雜菜 | 2 KG/公斤



The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.

Deluxe Combo (for 8-10 ppl 8-10人份)

HK$1,280.00 Regular Price
HK$1,188.00Sale Price
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